On the 24th June it was my 21st birthday. I had a really nice sunny day (after the forecast was rain!) and enjoyed a bunting making morning ala confetti system and a family meal in a small marquee in the garden. I was pretty adament about having it in the garden with black and white marble balloons, some neon and pastel to. It was a quiet day but i really enjoyed myself and hopefully everyone else did to. Ill post some birthday present photos soon, i was very lucky with everything i was kindly given. A Celine bag fund being one of them. My parents and grandparents both gave me some money towards a Boston bag which i have been lusting over for a couple of years. Problem is, i really didnt think id be able to get it so had already thought id get the Celine orange Trio bag instead. Now of course i am having the worst dilemma for a person who cannot make a the simplest of decisions, ie. cheese of toast or marmite toast. This dilemma will continue until i have missed lunch and should be preparing dinner. Anyhow, a GOOD party all in all. 

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