Yes, i have bought a turban after days, months, years and centuries meaning too but never quite getting round to it. I have bought a perfect black turban. Black may seem a little boring but my thinking is that i can wear it with anything all of the time. Since i saw a photo of my Mama (grandmother) wearing a pink velvet turban years and years ago i fell in love, and that love has  grown more and more every time i see one. I used to wrap a blue scarf round my head and tie it into a turban but it was always a little too small and would come undone so today i searched eBay and made my purchase! Hooray! I think i might try and buy some gingham fabric from town too and tie that into turban, making sure that its big enough this time though. Its WOMAD next week and i need outfits bad. 

Dazed & Confused has arrived, bought to me by my green wigged brother Gabriel so i must dash. 

 Turban Candy...
Source http://www.swingfashionista.com/tag/hat/



I don't know if this is just me, but i am damn right bored of Alexa Chung's predictable outfits. I get that she is a fashion icon to millions of people across the globe for her effortless English style, and don't get me wrong i love a Breton top as much as the next person; but she just seems to be going over and over the safe same things again and again. And i don't know why! Her tiny frame could pull off multiple looks yet she still seems to fall into girly mini dresses with black chunky heels. She looks good. There's no denying it, but i am desperate to see her in something different.

Here are 5 predictable outfits which i have picked out of the A/W 10 shows which i think Alexa will choose to wear at some point or another. I wish i did but I just don't look forward to seeing what Alexa is wearing anymore as it never surprises me. She would look good in the Christopher Kane embroidered dress and the tweed Chanel dress too, but would look so much more refreshing if she wore something just a little bit different to the norm. ie. short dress, chunky heels, minimal or no accessories...
Source All photos taken from style.com. Dries Van Noten A/W10,  Chanel A/W10, Christopher Kane A/W10, Dries Van Noten A/W10,  Proenza Schouler A/W10.

HAHAHA this made me laugh, lots! I was thinking of using this Marc Jacobs dress as a 'Predictable Outift' that she might wear, that was until i found out she had already worn it! Its looks pretty but is SO obvious, be brave and do something different Alexa please!
 Source Fuckyeahalexachung.tumblr.com

Any of these would do nicely...
 Source All photos taken from Style.com. YSL A/W10, Burberry Prorsum A/W10, Sophia Kokosalaki A/W10,  Celine A/W10, Dries Van Noten A/W10.

Because i think she would look so good in these outfits they might not look particularly unusual for her to wear but if you actually look at them you will see they are completely different.

The sea through YSL Play suit with the long gold chain would look incredible on her but instead she tends to wear shorter necklaces or nothing at all. The Burberry Prorsum fur coat would look snug and with tussled hair would be divine. The Sophia Kokosalaki dress is obscure but still beautiful, and the Celine outfit is just perfect. Just picture Alexa in this. Man oh man, it would be a glorious sight. And then the trousers with the elastic bottoms! WOW! I hope some of you can agree with me, i know shes ridiculously popular and she does look nice, but nice doesn't really cut it for me, she can pull of something with some edge, so be bloody brave Alexa and branch out!



Yes Please Balenciaga, i want your shoes.
 Source Fashion Gone Rogue.



These three black and white photographs were taken from 'The SUPER Stylists' in Industrie magazine. 
(There were four, but Karl Templer didn't scan so well)

"Over the past 15 years, the status and influence of the stylist has grown from glorified dresser carting clothes about in bin liners to all-powerful visionary with an army of assistants: not just creating powerful fashion images but directing ad campaigns and guiding the catwalk." 

"There is something about looking at an image with a light source behind it which makes it so much better than something printed"

"I ended up doing styling, which i consider to be the bottom rung of the ladder in terms of creativity"

"Styling has changed tremendously. I have contributed to that change, because i have always tired to push the role of the stylist"
Source Indsutrie Magazine.



The post man has just delivered a whopping brown envelope with an impressively sized Industrie magazine inside. This is the first issue of a magazine which is deemed to be 'The world's first culutre of Fashion magazine'. And with Anna Wintour on the cover you cant go wrong? As soon as my eyes and ears heard about Industrie i was pretty intent on nabbing myself a copy and seeing whether it was worth the enormous price tag. (I couldn't seem to get one through my normal means of magazine nabbing) I've had a flick through the magazine to see a beautifully naked Lara Stone rolling in sand and a red head clad in fur and black Christian Louboutin heels lounging on a wall in Paris. Its waiting for me on my bed, open on the 'An Interview with Katie Grand' pages. I'll do a more in depth post on Industrie soon, scans even? oo ar cant wait!