I have been after a necklace from AMM that Jennifer of the blog A Merry Mishap makes and had asked my Ma for one for my birthday, luckily for me; i got one! And its perfect! I decided on a safe option and asked for a black curved cyclinder bead, which i thought i would be able to wear with everything. Not only was the necklace so good but the packaging was seriously good. A small white and silver shimmery box came with a business card embossed with the top image on. The box was placed in a plastic white sandwich bag. (At least it looked like a sandwich bag!) but it was so nice! Sealed with a silver heart sticker. I am a sucker for packaging and spent a good few minutes carfeully pealing away the sticker, trying my best not to tear the bag of sticker. The box is now sealed up again in the bag sitting on top of my orange vanity. 

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