I have again managed to fail at regular blogging. I also have a good intention and then ruin it pretty quickly. I read so many blogs daily and am constantly being bombarded with information and inspiration. (too much sometimes) that i find it difficult to start writing my own blog. I have a Tumblr now, steezyplease.tumblr.com where i have little text and lots of imagery. I wouldn't want to create a boring blog that no one would want to read so having relevant and original content would be important. For myself as well, i mean, i'm pretty much writing to myself right about now. Im at home in the countryside in England, Glos and am having a really nice summer. It was my birthday a couple of days ago and i am currently trying to figure out which Celine bag to buy using a few extremely generous donations from my family. My boyfriend is back home to so we shall be hopefully be making wooden plates and some pottery. I'm almost more excited about the packaging that we will need to design and create for a hopefully, small "couple" business. Its exciting! As is my new found interest for regular blogging myself. Hope you enjoy my posts, if your out there whoever you are. 

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