Scarlett Phoebe

This is me.
It's not my favourite photo and i don't like my fringe but i think i needed to put one up... lots more to come i promise. I'm wearing a cardigan which i found in a charity shop in bath the other day, its a size 16 so a little big but i've come to really like its fit and its the perfect colour for the autumn. I'm carrying a snakeskin clutch bag i got a car boot sale and a yellow ring from my boyfriend. I'm also wearing leggings and wooden clogs from Topshop. The t-shirt is the best bit. I got this Live Alive Concert t-shirt when i saw them on style bubble and knew instantly that i had to have one. Only to read further and realise that they were long gone. I kept a watchful eye and nabbed one up when i saw they had produced more, all proceeds from those limited sales going to the Medecins Sans Frontieres' efforts in Haiti. It was a ridiculously hard process sending emails back and forwards to the Brachfeld Gallery in Paris to actually get one but i finally managed to sort it out with my boyfriend's paypal at the ready and chose the Rodarte t-shirt... this was a pretty hard decision but i think maybe the right one... I don't actually wear it that much as i think its better as a dress but its too short to wear with no tights so im waiting for the -'s before i crank it out with tights and boots and a nice winter coat (It also has weird sleeves)
Here's two more...