The post man has just delivered a whopping brown envelope with an impressively sized Industrie magazine inside. This is the first issue of a magazine which is deemed to be 'The world's first culutre of Fashion magazine'. And with Anna Wintour on the cover you cant go wrong? As soon as my eyes and ears heard about Industrie i was pretty intent on nabbing myself a copy and seeing whether it was worth the enormous price tag. (I couldn't seem to get one through my normal means of magazine nabbing) I've had a flick through the magazine to see a beautifully naked Lara Stone rolling in sand and a red head clad in fur and black Christian Louboutin heels lounging on a wall in Paris. Its waiting for me on my bed, open on the 'An Interview with Katie Grand' pages. I'll do a more in depth post on Industrie soon, scans even? oo ar cant wait!


Mila said...

Gosh I love her.

Steezy Please said...

shes amazing. congratulations too, first comment of my blog... ill follow you!

joninel said...

love her :D