This is my BRAND SPANKING NEW blog. I hope you scallywags love it.

Steezy is usually a term used in skateboarding and snowboarding but i think its perfect to be used as a fashion term as well. It basically means... "style" with "ease".
The Please bit is because i am asking nicely for people to be Steezy as i am over the "it took me five hours to get dressed and it looks like it took me five hours" 

I'm way more into "it took me five hours to get dressed and it looks like it took me five minutes" 

This is key to the effortless style that i drool over. Ala Vanessa Jackman's often perfect discoveries.

Source Vanessa Jackman.

So i finally decided that the time was now to write this blog whilst hanging out in a rubber dingy bobbing along the sea with my boyfriend last weekend.

I'm not quite sure how the conversation started but it ended up with me and him ridiculously overexcited about me creating a blog. And this excitement hasn't left, i have been thinking and dreaming about it for the past week. But don't worry, I'm not expecting to be the next Susie Bubble or Tavi or anything, just Scarlett of Steezy Please.

This is the first post on my blog Steezy Please and hopefully of many posts to come (fingers crossed). I  love fashion blogs, they continually fill my brain with juicy inspiration through "words and pictures" and i fall in love every single day around 7 or 8 times.

 So here it is... i still need to work out how to promote this blog properly, so any help would be much, much appreciated!

Scarlett x

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