So, to start with an apology. Not that anyone will probably read this apology as i have not posted for almost year, a very poor show on my account i know. But, i promise this will change. Who exactally am i saying this to? Myself quite possibly... that i am definately going to start posting on a more regular basis. I have lots of ideas for posts and am now on my summer holdiay from my first year at university. This is pretty mad and pretty embarrassing as i made it clear back in august that i was definatley going to post all of the time and they were going to be good posts to. Didn't really happen did it?

Still, it will now. So yes, ive just finished my first year at uni, i'm at UCA in Epsom studying fashion promotion and imaging, specialising in promotion and marketing. Its a good course and im enjoying it, but uni has had its ups and downs of course. Its been a massive change and im still trying to come to terms with the fact that im pretty much an adult now and have to get a proper job etc in the near future. Still, thats all dull. Oh! And i must not forget to mention my weekly parcels from my ma and dad whilst being at uni. Its fair to say that they are the best parcels in the world, and were the highlight of my week. Each was decorated by my parents, and inside included a letter, articles, chocolate, sweets and then something fancy on special occasions like an amazing hat and so on. The photo is of the first parcel i was sent, with me looking a little too much like a frog? And i HATE frogs. 

Anyway, at the moment  i am super excited for the summer, i literally cannot wait its going to be amazing. I have lots of plans and ideas but as im a broke student not sure how realistic any of these are? Still, im sure that macaroon making with my ma and bleach tie dye are within the budget. Over and out. (Swear not for the best part of a year this time)

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